the Chang Full-Day PROGRAM


Program Code: TCCM/FD

Adult: 3,500 Baht

Child: 2,500 Baht (4-8 years. Under 4 years no charge.)

*Reservations require a 50% deposit in advance.

08.00 – 08.30  Pick-up from your hotel / Guest House.

09.00    Arrive at The Chang 1.

  • Meet the team
  • Receive safety lecture on how to behave when around the elephants.
  • Visit the Elephant Cemetery and Education Building, where you will see an elephant’s skeleton, and learn some interesting facts about their bodies.
  • Learn how to shred grass and mix it with herbal supplements and other ingredients, as a special food for the elephants.    Feed the elephants.
  • Visit the Elephant Pharmacy, where you can learn about the herbs used in the elephant’s medication, and also how to make Tamarind balls to feed the elephants with.
  • Help cook sticky rice for the elephants, and wait for it to cool.

12.00 – 13.30 Lunch.

  • Prepare sticky rice with herbal supplements, wrapped in a banana leaf. Meet each elephant, feed them the sticky rice, and learn about the history of each elephant.
  • Observe the elephants as they bathe in the stream, and take a mud bath.  Then take a walk with the elephants.

16.00 – Transfer back to your hotel / Guest House.

Please be aware that the elephants choose if they will take a mud bath or bathe in the stream. We don’t force them. Therefore, some activities may be subject to change at short notice.