The original idea for The Chang Chiang Mai, began in 2013, when Mrs. Anchalee Kalmapijit and Mr. Ronnachit Rungsri (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), discussed providing a “Rest and Rehabilitation” center for elderly and sick elephants at Maesa Elephant Camp.

 A suitable location near Maesa Elephant Camp was found, and became known as the Thai Elephant Care Center.  Elephants that needed special care due to illness or injury, the elderly that were too old for working, or those of any age that just needed some rest, were transferred from Maesa Elephant Camp, to the Thai Elephant Care Center.  Visitors to the center were able to take part in activities designed for providing care for the elephants.  Preparing food, learning about herbal medicines used in treatment of the sick elephants, and bathing the elephants, were all part of the various programs available.

Now, the Thai Elephant Care Center has been renamed, The Chang Chiang Mai.  Under the new ownership of Mrs. Anchalee Kalmapijit, the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Choochart Kalmapijit, many changes have been made.  It is part of an ongoing development, which includes Maesa Elephant Camp.  The elephants now enjoy complete freedom of movement, no longer chained, they can roam wherever they choose in the sanctuary.  The mahouts do not ride the elephants, nor do they use the hook for control.  New dust and mud bath areas have been created, and the elephants can spend time cooling off in the stream.

Visitors are welcome on a daily basis, and there are half-day and full-day activity programs available.

Life is good for the elephants in our care, and we invite you to share with us, the experience of making their retirement a happy and healthy one.

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