The Chang Village, formerly Baan Tong Luang Hilltribe Village, is now an organic farm, growing rice and vegetables.  Its idyllic location is rapidly becoming a very popular attraction for tourists and day trippers.

Apart from the organic farm, there is accommodation available for those wishing to spend some time in the tranquility of the village, with its beautiful scenery.  Dara-Ang Coffee Shop & Restaurant is open daily, providing local dishes for lunch, as well as snacks and drinks.  Perhaps most surprising, is that the Chang Village is also a retirement home for several elderly elephants from nearby Maesa Elephant Camp.

The elephants enjoy a quiet life, with little disturbance.  Visitors to Dara-Ang Coffee shop, can sometimes see one or more of the elephants, grazing on the far side of the rice fields.   They may even be lucky enough to see the elephants walking with their mahouts, through the village.

The Chang Village also caters for private parties, and ceremonies.  It is also an ideal photographic location.

The village is open daily for visitors from 09.00 am, until 4 pm.  If you wish to book accommodation at the village, or require any further information, please call: 053-206-247 / 081-882-3738 or contact