Maesa Nursery
Maesa NurseryMaesa Nursery logo The elephant calves will live with their mother at this nursery until the age of 2 years. Thereafter, the elephant calves will be trained by and learn skills from the mahout who has experience to become a good actor in the future.
Mahouts and Elephants
As the number of elephants is lower, so Maesa Elephant Camp has dedicated our knowledge and expertise to help increase the number of elephants in the country. Our success in reproduction of elephants is passed on via this elephant nursery where the little elephant babies live with their mothers during childhood and their mahouts who fully provides care. We also promote succeeding to Thai elephant species in corporation with various organizations in study and development of elephant reproduction in both natural way and artificial insemination. You can experience lifestyle of the elephants closely at Maesa Elephant Nursery. It takes just 5 minutes by walk from Elephant Ground.
How long do elephants stay pregnant?Around 18 – 22 months. Elephants produce one baby at a time, and the youngster weighs around 100 kilograms. At Maesa Elephant Camp, the pregnant elephants will be suspended for working when they have 10 months of pregnancy to stay at a separate house where the pregnant elephants will take a relax and be under close care of mahout and veterinary with sufficient foods and drinks.