Elephant and his family
All living creatures on this earth that is a social animal want to be love and recognize from among human beings. Love is good but many times, too love without understanding, what is really natural fact, it results in the bad ways.
Elephant bathing in Maesa's river
How many people in the world understand the reality of elephant society today. Elephants are social species that live together as herds (animals). If they are living among the forest, elephants, they will find the leader themselves by physical force (the powerful one).
Elephant back to forest
Many times ,the question is “When elephants does not work , then why not to leave them back into the forrest?”.
Elephant make damage to Farm
They, who askes, may not imagine to the price of the ivory that may be the leader in the herd or damage to paddy fields of the villagers near harvest time. Those may be the main income of farm families. Those innocent elephants damage to the farm without intention.
Elephant's mahout
It also includes the heart of the mahouts who love and care with his elephants. How they will be separated without taking care.