MH601 2 days 1 night program

Mahout Training 2 Days 1 Night Program

Day 1 The Itinerary
09:00 AM Arrival at Maesa Elephant Camp,Greeted by the Mahout Instructors Led to the Maesa Elephant Nursery Area for Outfit Changing, Registration for Mahout Training Course and insurance , briefing essential information about the elephant and the Camp, meet with trainner Team and elephants
09:30 AM Learning of Basic Commands for elephant riding, Practice riding to elephant Show show ground, enjoy our incredible elephant intelligent
11:00 AM Ride the elephant around the Forest Area and bath them at Maesa Stream.
12:00 PM Lunch at the Camp
13:00 PM Learning more Basic Commands for Elephants Send the elephant to resting area (into jungle)
16:00 PM at Leisure
18:00 PM Thai food cooking demonstration & enjoy your own cooking.
19:00 PM Evening at Leisure

Day 2 The Itinerary
07:00 AM Take the elephant back from the jungle
08:00 AM Breakfast
19:00 AM Giving shower to elephant
10:00 PM Ride elephant across the hill to Baan Tong Luang Hill Tribe Village.
12:00 PM Lunch at the village
13:00 PM Visit 8 tribes people at the village
13:30 PM Ride the elephant back to the Camp
14:00 PM enjoy elephant bathing at Maesa Stream.
14:30 PM joining excellent elephant artist painting ,
15:00 PM Feed the elephant and take photo with them
15:30 PM Certificate Ceremony and Farewell Reception
16:00 PM End of program