MH601-602 Full Day Basic Mahout training course

Mahout Training 2 Days 1 Night BASIC MAHOUT TRAINING COURSE

Day 1 The Itinerary
Pick up at hotel
Arrival at Maesa Nursery, Welcomed by mahout instructor team, registration for the MahoutTraining Course and insurance, leading to the private accommodation and changing your clothing to the mahout outfits.
Move to training ground. Staff gives information about elephant and safety
Mahout training demonstration; know how to make friend with the elephants, how to interact with the elephant and know how to ride on elephant bareback. Start with getting on-off the elephant and walk around the training ground.
Ride on the elephant bareback to the jungle.
Arrive on mountain. Keep the elephant and Lunch.
Arrive at Maesa Elephant Nursery. Start Elephant Enrichment lesson. Learn to do Elephant Enrichment on big elephants.
Visit baby elephants. Make DIY toy for babies.
Move the elephant to the stream. Join elephant bathing and skin checking.
Keep the elephant in the jungle.
At Leisure. **** have a dinner

Day 2 The Itinerary
Meet the mahouts and staff.
Arrival at the elephant resting area and clean the elephant
Advance bare back riding practice up hill to Thai elephant care center, Or Baan Tong Luang Hill Tribe Village
Lunch at Thai elephant care center, visit elderly elephants or Baan Tong Luang Hill Tribe Village, visit hill tribe villagers
Back to the nursery and take a rest let elephants enjoy eating.
Elephants bathing
Arrive at the training ground. Feed the elephants with banana and sugar cane. Relax with Snack and soft drink.
Certificate ceremony. Farewell elephants, mahouts and staff.

The service include: