Mr.Choochart KalmapijitOwner of Maesa Elephant Camp

Mr.Choochart Kalmapijit

Mr.Choochart Kalmapijit was born in family of Mr.Cherd and Kalmapijit. At first, he lived in Bangkok before moving to settle down in Chiang Mai with his father in 1962, with the age of 18 years old. There, they run on mining business at Pong Yaeng sub-District but it didn’t go well. They turned to do orang farm and bought an area of 100 rais for farming in Pong Yaeng (Aura drinking water plant in nowadays) so. This family was the first group who did orange farm at those days. Later in 1963, his majesty the king traveled there to visit orange farming at Mr.Choochart’s farm and it was a case study for royal projects afterwards.

In 1975, Mr.Choochart he sold out the farm and changed to catch resort business named “Erawan” instead.

Unluckily, he faced some problems again. Communication at that time was still not convenient and there were not many visitors. Not so long, he decided to sell out this business and set up Maesa Elephant Camp in 1976. The park with 80 elephants has been managed well over 38 years until today.

Maesa Elephant Camp

Elephant Parade

Maesa Elephant Camp was established on the 8th of April 1976 by Mr.Choochart Kalmapijit During the time, Thai Government was supporting Chiang Mai province to be one of tourist attractions of Thailand. Many leading travel agencies were suggesting that Chiang Mai should have elephant camp as a tourist attraction. Seeing this possibility, Mr.Choochart decided to make the investment establishing Maesa Elephant Camp. Begin from renting the 30 Rais piece of land in Mae Mae village from “Kong pun sud tang” (Pack Squadron of Thai military) which had already been elephant camp, 5-6 elephants were rented from Karen people, living in Sa-Merng district. Initially, the elephant show was focused on logs working of elephant and there were only 5-10 visitors each day. It’s been a while before the show has been changed into more entertaining direction, for example, a show of elephant playing soccer, and drawing pictures. Until now, Mr.Choochart has always been taking good care of the elephant’s life in the camp, especially the food.

The National Thai Elephant Day

The camp has a well–organized system to manage elephant’s food supply. Not only six tons of food has been delivered to the camp everyday, but the camp also glow its own Napaier Grass, banana, sugar-cave, and coconut trees in more than 100 Rais of land. There are also many herbal plants farm, glowing for the purpose of medical supporting, together with the hospitality of the camp’s veterinarian.

ISO 9001 VERSION 2008

Maesa Elephant Camp to be certified and controlled by ISO 9001: 2008 system on “Camp Management Services and Entertainment(Elephant Performances)” The standard one that you trust, and we proudly serve.